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Best Paint Sprayer Reviews

The time has come and you are doing home renovations! You grew tired of looking at the chipped paint on your walls, shabby furniture, and that worn out fence that’s mocking you every time you peer out of your window. So you decided it’s high time that you roll up your sleeves and start giving your place more color, and freshness; an overall pick-me-up if you will. Paint jobs are the heart of every remodeling effort: they are the most visible part of your effort and without them you might as well do nothing.

Now that you’ve made up your mind it’s time to buy some paint and some brushes, clear everything out and get to work. Or is it? How many hours do you think you are going to waste painting every wall and ceiling of your house by hand? Add furniture to that. How many days will it all take if you are planning to give your entire house a new look? Let’s be frank, it is going to take weeks. You can take the easy way out, of course. There is no shame in hiring professionals to tackle all of that for you, but if you want to save a small fortune you will want to do it yourself. So if you want to take some extra money on that vacation you were planning, forget about brushes and rollers; what you need is a paint sprayer!

Paint sprayers will save you a bunch of time, regardless of the type of the painting job you are dealing with. It will speed up the process immensely so you will be done with your walls 10X faster than you would be if you are wielding a sorry-looking old brush! They are also extremely handy for reaching those little nooks and crannies. Wall corners will no longer present an issue, as long as you are armed with a great paint gun! Painting furniture is also way faster this way. Imagine all those small places you need to reach on a chair. If you’re using a brush it can take hours to finish just one! And the result is never as good as you hoped it would be. Paint sprayers allow you to add those finishing touches to your furniture that will make it appear as if it were brand new!

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Types of Paint Sprayers

Now that you’ve decided to power through and tackle all your painting jobs by yourself, it is time to pick out a paint sprayer that is going to become your best buddy for the next couple of days. This is a daunting task as not all paint sprayers are built equal, you know. Some are best when treating large surfaces that need a single coating while others shine in executing detailed work on small surfaces. Third, on the other hand, are best when applying finishing touches to your furniture. Let’s take a stroll through different types of paint sprayers and see what type will best suit your needs!​

HVLP Paint Sprayers

Cartman AC110V

HVLP sprayers take into account the environment, as well as your budget. They deliver a nice coating of paint at reduced overspray, which greatly helps with air pollution. It also makes sure that most of your paint sticks to the wall, if it is indeed the wall that you are painting. They have a leg up on the conventional paint sprayers thanks to their reduced overspray and ease of use.

There is a downside however. Since they apply paint at a lower pressure the coating speed is a little lower, resulting in extended work time. This is not a problem if you are tackling smaller jobs and smaller surfaces, but is if you have a lot to paint in a limited timeframe.

Cartman AC110V Review

Cartman AC110V is versatile two-stage turbine-powered HVLP sprayer with 3 adjustable spray patterns, capable of covering any surface with ease. Made for projects that require heavy painting, this product will allow you to tackle all jobs with confidence, even if you are an amateur. Regardless of whether you are painting small cabinets and furniture, or outdoor walls and fences, this sprayer will excel and get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Features of Cartman AC110V​

Cartman AC110V is a lightweight, ergonomically manufactured sprayer that makes any paint job as easy as possible. Its adjustable spray patterns and maximum pressure control nullify any overspray that may ruin your work. Made out of only a few parts, it is easy to store and it doesn't take up a lot of space.

  • 3 spray patterns - One of the essential features of this sprayer - besides the two-stage turbine - are spray patterns. Cartman AC11V was engineered to offer three different types of possible surface coverage. Vertical and horizontal patterns are perfect for smaller and detailed paint jobs, and round spray pattern will allow you to finish any larger project with faster.
  • Two-stage turbine - Assembled to perfection, this turbine gives Cartman AC110V HVLP sprayer so much pressure control you will never have to worry about overspray that can potential cause you headaches. Warm air that is coming out of the turbine through the nozzle will dry the paint faster and the job will be done quicker.
  • Lock'n'Go - It was never been easier to change the material in your sprayer. With this technology, you can switch between two different types of material in a blink of an eye. With one easy movement of your hand detach the cup and pour new or refill the same paint, depending on your needs.
Advantages of Cartman AC110V

  • Easy to use - Ergonomically constructed to fit in the hand, this small but strong sprayer weighs only 3 pounds and its 20 ft.-long flexible hose allows great maneuverability.
  • Fast setup - Get ready to start you painting in just 5 minutes with Cartman AC110V. With just a few small adjustments on pattern and pressure you will be ready to paint any surface and before you know it, the job will be done!
  • Maintenance - Usually the worst part comes after you are finished with a paint job. Clean up! But not with this sprayer! All you need is a little water and some simple products for latex material cleaning and mineral spirit for oil based materials and your sprayer is clean in 10 minutes.

Even though most buyers agree that this is a great product, perfect for any household some noted that paint must be thinned to 40 din/sec. Even with that, the first layer of paint is more than enough and you will not need another coating most of the time.

Bottom Line​

Cartman AC110V Control HVLP Sprayer is a great product to have in your household. With great performance that this sprayer gives most people will assume that it will be pricey, but what makes this product even more desirable is its affordable price. It is a great tool for both professionals and amateurs, and you certainly won’t regret purchasing it!​

Hand-Held Cup Sprayers

Graco 16N673

Cup sprayers are practical for homeowners who want to do a quick painting job without the hassle that comes with other types of sprayers. Cup sprayers are lightweight and easy to use and maintain and that is why most DIY enthusiasts use them on the regular basis.

They come in plenty of sizes and two different models of paint deliver. Suction sprayers have a tip that suctions the paint from a canister and they are great for specialty coatings such as splatter effect and adhesives. Gravity cup sprayers are used for delivering thinner paints and glossy finishes. The great thing about them is that they are easy to refill and you do not have to disassemble the entire device to do so.

Graco 16N673 Review

TrueCoat Pro II is a semi-professional airless cup sprayer that's great for anyone in need of fast and easy paint jobs. Small and lightweight it gives its user great maneuverability inside or outside of the house. Since TrueCoat Pro II doesn't need compressors or turbines to run it is ready to use in less than a minute. Great for small and detailed projects, this sprayer doesn't need any special fiddling with the thickness of the paint, and you can pour the paint in straight out of the can.

Features of Graco 16N673​

Although it's small and handy, this sprayer is still quite powerful. Even if it doesn't work with compressors or turbines its high pressure enables excellent coverage around tight corners and small gaps. Since it's capable of handling any type of paint without lowering paint thickness there will be no need for multiple layers of paint on any surface.

  • Adjustable pressure - High pressure is needed for covering larger surfaces while lower pressure is great for smaller surfaces that require precision work. This sprayer can confidently tackle all jobs. It doesn't matter what task lies before you because you can easily adjust pressure depending on your needs.
  • Tilt'n'Spray - TrueCoats suction tube was made to give the best performance while being capable of doing a full range of motion and it moves freely in the cup, allowing its user to utilize most of the material and it also reduces the refill time.
  • Pump - When it comes to protection Graco always excels. For this sprayer, they made a special, so-called "Pump Armor Storage/Start-up Tool" which protects the pump from corroding and makes start up easy every time you use it no matter how many times you used it before.
Advantages of Graco 16N673

  • Storage case - This sprayer comes with a highly durable case which will keep it safe between the jobs. Also, this case provides room for additional components that you might need such as extra tips, filters or paint supplies.
  • Small and handy – With the weight of only 10 pounds TrueCoat Pro II gives you maximum freedom and maneuverability. With that said, you can spray any surface from a position that suits you the most without it affecting the sprayer's performance.
  • Power cord - This sprayer comes with 15 ft. long power cord. What is most noticeable is that cord is extremely flexible which makes it resistant and not prone to damage and you don't have to worry that you will have to replace it anytime soon.

Buyers noted that they are happy with the purchase of this product although some noted that maintenance afterward takes a bit longer than expected, but with all said those few minutes that it takes to clean up can't really detract from how convenient and fast this sprayer is.

Bottom Line​

​Graco 16N673 TrueCoat Pro II Electric Paint Sprayer will make all paint jobs easier and faster without compromising quality. Even though it is a bit pricier, investing in this product will save you a great deal of time and money in the long run. So if you need easy to use, self-contained and portable sprayer, this is the right product for you.

Airless Paint Sprayers

Graco Magnum X5 262800

Airless paint sprayers are starting to dominate the market, mainly because they are easy to use and set up, and because they are very versatile when it comes to types of jobs that they can handle. Airless paint sprayers use pressure to deliver paint, which means that you can avoid paint thinners when using them. This, in turn, lowers the number of coats you need to achieve the best result. Be careful with airless sprayers, however. Pressurized tools are not to be messed around with, and airless sprayers eject paint at high velocity, so there is a possibility of injury when using them.

They come in several varieties. Most common are handheld airless sprayers that are great for around the house work. Larger ones have their merits as well and are great for large projects. One of the additional perks of airless paint sprayers is the relative ease with which they are cleaned.

Graco Magnum X5 262800 Review

Graco Magnum is a versatile electrically-powered paint sprayer perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Regardless of the work at hand, it’s going to deliver on its promise of doing an excellent job. You can use it to paint walls, ceiling fences and stuff around the house, but it is also portable and light to take on with you on the job. It will easily reach those hard-to-get nooks and crannies and is a favorite among amateurs and professionals alike.

Features of Graco Magnum X5 262800

Graco makes top quality equipment, and if you have any doubts in the superior manufacture of this paint sprayer, we assure you, they are unfounded. It weighs less than 20 pounds in total and comes equipped with a stand that provides excellent stability during painting. It is also relatively compact despite the stand and can be conveniently stored when not in use.​

  • GPM and PSI – This sprayer gives you a decent output per minute, if you need it. It hovers around 0.23-0.24 gallons but you can adjust to suit your needs. The max pressure is around 2800 PSI max, so it’s important that you work carefully.
  • Quality materials – The pump is made from stainless steel so you can count on it not failing in your moment of need. In fact, all parts of this sprayer are quality made and you will get a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Adjustable pressure – The knob at the top of the sprayer is completely adjustable and you can easily adjust it to spray vertically or horizontally, whatever is your preference.
  • Flush clean – The unit is cleaned very easily and features a power flush adapter that lets you clean up fast after the fact. It only takes a few minutes and it is important to keep the sprayer clean and ready for your next use.
Advantages of Graco Magnum X5 262800

  • Easy to maintain – There isn’t much to worry about when it comes to maintaining the unit. It is pre-lubricated so you don’t have to mess about with oil. Easy cleaning contributes a lot to making this sprayer a favorite among homeowners and handymen.
  • Includes accessories – With this purchase, you will get everything you need to spray paint your walls. The package includes the pump, metal gun, Dura-Flex airless hose, and more. The only thing you need to supply is the paint!
  • Ergonomic gun handle – If you are preparing for a long spraying job, it is important to know that the gun will sit comfortably in your hand. Thanks to the comfort grip feature, your hand will not get sore or tired even after hours of handling this gun.

Even though most buyers agree that this is an excellent investment that saved them a lot of time, some note that the quality of the airless hose can be somewhat questionable. Make sure to test out the hose prior to starting the work, and check out if it is damaged in any way.

Bottom Line​

Graco Magnum X5 262800 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer saves your time and money and provides you with a quick solution for all your paint jobs! It is a bit pricier, but if you think of it as a lifelong investment, it most certainly pays off! It is lightweight, efficient, and easy to use, so it is a number one choice for inexperienced homeowners and handymen of all sorts!​

Air Paint Sprayers

Earlex 0HV2901PUS

Air sprayers are also known as conventional sprayers. They utilize air to atomize the paint and that is why they require an air compressor to work. If you own a compressor, this type might be great for you, depending on the job at hand. Some air paint sprayers come with built-in air compressors as well, so you get a two-in-one solution.

Air sprayers are great for applying glossy finishes, so they are predominantly used in the automobile industry. If you are a car repairman and the bulk of your paint jobs consist of applying finish touches to banged-up cars, you will want to take a look at this type of paint sprayer. Heads up; the overspray is a bit of an issue here, but because the paint is mixed with air it is not something that can be easily avoided.

Earlex 0HV2901PUS Review

Earlex 0HV2901PUS Spray Station Precision is the best air assisted sprayer for small and medium paint projects on the market. Powered by 700 W motor, this sprayer will enable you to fine finish any surface fast and easy. Composed out of air compressor, spray gun and 13 ft. hose it is the most wholesome air spray station out there. You don't have to worry about the additional expenses for essential parts like it's often the case.

Features of Earlex 0HV2901PUS​

Since it is constructed out of only a few parts, this sprayer is very light and easy to transport. Depending on the work at hand you can easily adjust the spray pattern and paint flow with built-in regulators. It's electrically powered, which means that it also has a power cord, but fear not because the cord is 6.5 ft. long and your maneuverability won't be restricted by it.

  • 700 W motor - Powered with 700 W turbine this sprayer will make any decorative or renovating paint job fast and top notch. The pressure created by this motor will keep the overspray at the minimum and warm air from it will help paint to dry faster.
  • 3 different spray patterns - With only one movement of your finger you can regulate three different patterns depending on your needs. If you need to do something precise and high on details you can vary from horizontal or vertical spray pattern and if you need fast surface coverage you have the round pattern that spreads paint nicely and evenly.
  • Paint container - Wide-mouth paint cup has 1.5 qt capacity and can hold any paint material. Made for maximum comfort this container won't make the sprayer much heavier even when it's filled to the maximum.
Advantages of Earlex 0HV2901PUS

  • Paint flow control - This sprayer comes with a specially designed, easy to handle thumb paint flow dial. This great feature makes Earlex 0HV2901PUS so much more desirable to users, regardless of whether they are experienced professionals or total amateurs. With paint flow dial you can completely control the speed and the quantity of paint that is coming out of the sprayer. With that said, you can evenly spread paint over the desired surface with no fear of using too much paint.
  • Precision spraying - Specially manufactured to handle high detailed jobs, this sprayer comes with 2.5 mm big metal tip. Covered with anti-corrosion liquid to ensure its long life Earlex engineers tested it thoroughly to make sure that this tip consistently gives the best results, regardless of the number of uses.
  • Maintenance - Since this product has just a few parts it's easy to clean and it only takes 10 minutes or less. It is made out of special paint resisting material so all you need is some water to clean the complete system. There is no need for special brushes and extra cleaning products that only increase your cost.

All buyers were more than happy with this product, but some stated that if you are using high-quality paint you need to thin it down a bit. What must be noted is that higher quality paint materials are thicker than regular ones and thinning them is more likely a necessity anyway.

Bottom Line​

Earlex 0HV2901PUS Spray Station Precision is a great choice if you are in need of a great air-assisted sprayer. It is extremely user-friendly and does not require any experience to handle properly. With its outstanding price-to-service ratio it is a great long term investment. Make your old furniture look like new and save even more time and money!​

What to Look for In a Paint Sprayer

Painting is precision work, and there is a lot of finesse that goes into it. Different sprayers are best suited for different types of work, but there are some key features that you should pay close attention to when buying one. Keep in mind that all comes down to what you need and what are your preferences. We are well aware that nothing in this life is or will be perfect, but we must focus on finding the next thing closest to perfect. When looking at any type of high-quality paint sprayer there are some features you should look for, we will point out which features you should always check, but keep in mind that paint sprayers can't have it all. Like we said earlier, nothing is perfect. Here is a list of things to look for in a quality paint sprayer, and if you find one that will have at least three out of four listed features you have a good one in front of you.

  • Transfer efficiency or overspray – When you are paint-spraying something, it is only natural that you want the bulk of the paint on the object, and less in the air and on the floor. Always choose a paint sprayer with lower overspray, even if it costs more. In the end, you will be saving money as you will waste less paint.
  • Control – The reason you are buying a paint sprayer is the control that it offers over the entire process. Make sure that you can control flow rate and the pressure of delivery. It is also a bonus if you can adjust the flow rate at the tip of the sprayer, so you can switch between vertical and horizontal delivery, depending on the job at hand.
  • Ease of set up and use – If you are a beginner when it comes to handling paint sprayers, you might make a rookie mistake and buy the best-rated sprayer out there. Those usually also cost a lot. The problem here is that you have to know how to properly use those sprayers, so you will most likely not get the full benefit when using them. Buy a sprayer that is easy to set up and fast to start working with. Remember, the goal is to have the job done the best you can in the least amount of time.
  • Maintenance – This is also a key consideration. Cleaning up takes a lot of time, but you have to properly care for your sprayer for it to last for a good long while. If it makes sense, get a unit that has a self-cleaning feature. This will greatly reduce the time you spend cleaning the gun and all the other parts after a paint job.