Top rated Air Paint Sprayers

Not to be mistaken, the name air sprayer is mostly used towards the types of sprayers that use compressed air to release paint. Most usual air paint sprayers are High volume-Low-pressure paint sprayers, also known as HVLP paint sprayers. They are powered by turbines and compressors which generate outstanding amounts of power making them a bit louder, but since they are made to be used as a number one paint sprayer for outdoor, large surface and for big contractors it is only natural that they require tons of Watts.

If you by any chance need one of these, keep on reading because in a matter of minutes you will learn what makes the best air paint sprayers.

Top rated Air Paint Sprayers: What to Look for​

There is not much we can tell you about air paint sprayers that aren't pretty obvious. When it comes to taking care of business and making your house, front yard or fence look amazing you can be grateful to these machines. They simply excel at the large project and will battle any challenge with ease. Even though they might be a bit robust and heavy they pack large amounts of power. But, there are some exceptions. To avoid any misconception, we did say earlier that air paint sprayers aren’t specified to the single type of sprayers. There can be found smaller ones that will fit nicely in your household, but then again, it is all about what you need in a paint sprayer.

Now, we would like to address some major thing that needs to be look up before buying the right air sprayer. Even though we said it, preferences won’t be a part of this articles simply because there can be so many of them. In that manner, we will stick to the simple and regular things each and every air paint sprayer needs to have in order to be considered a good pick.​

  • Storage system – Unlike other paint sprayers, air sprayers consist out of parts that need to be separated when not used. If you thing that might pose a problem you should think again. Since every part of the sprayer is filled with liquid, after you wash it up it can get rusty and in the end ruined. When you disassemble it you lower the risk of damaging it and in addition to that you can safely carry it around the house or at work. And last but not least, you can store it anywhere and it won’t get in the way when not used.
  • Maintenance – Cleaning up is a really important thing when talking about paint sprayers. In order to avoid any unwanted paint mixtures, you want to own a sprayer that will be easy to clean. Commonly, these types of paint sprayers don’t take more than 10 minutes to clean so if manufacturers state that it takes longer than that you should probably think twice before picking that one.
  • Spray gun capabilities – If you are a sucker for spray patterns like we are, then you’ll definitely understand where are we going with this. When we operate with any type of sprayer we want to have the freedom to paint surfaces as we like. So if you air paint sprayer doesn’t have 3 or more spray patterns you might end up with a too much overspray on a smaller surface or even worse, end up with a too small spray radius on a larger wall. All in all, customizable spray gun will save you time, nerves and money.

Whether you like little portable air sprayers or you are more a “power station” air sprayer person with this article you will surely find only the best air paint sprayers on the market.