Superb Electric Paint Sprayer

Electric paint sprayers come in many different shapes and sizes and they are definitely the best paint sprayers on the market. Since they are completely powered via electricity they have a constant flow of energy and they do not lose any power even if you are working on larger projects. The only, let us call it, an issue is the length of the power cord that kind of limits your range. But, since the paint industry has flourished in these past years the cords are longer and longer and sprayers are becoming quite the power tools.

But, as we said earlier, there is really a long list to choose from and sometimes people get lost in the search. If, by any chance, you are that type of person let us help you out. All you need to do is continue reading this article and soon everything will be crystal clear.

Superb Electric Paint Sprayer: What to Look For​

When we decided to do a proper research to find what makes the best electric paint sprayer we were mostly focused on the projects that we usually do. And then it hit us, first you need to focus on finding out what will you do with your need paint sprayer. Will you be painting around the house, do you need a good sprayer that will cover big surfaces fast and easy or do you need some precise painting on smaller surfaces, indoors. Right after you figured that out you can continue with this article.

In the next few minutes, you will learn what features and why make the best electric paint sprayer and how these features work.​

  • Power cord – First of all, for those of you who don’t know, maneuverability while painting is a most crucial thing. If your movements are by any chance blocked or restrained you will work longer, and probably your job won’t go as smooth as you wanted. Therefore, we advise you to look for the longest power cord there is. Unfortunately, since these paint sprayers are electricity dependent they must have constant energy flow. Of course, there are exceptions such as battery powered paint sprayers that run on batteries that are filled with electricity, but in comparison to the ones that we are talking right now they are too weak to count.
  • Silent – Even though most of the paint sprayers do make a bit of noise, the turbine or compressor can cause you quite the trouble if picked in a hurry. With this, you need to take your time and figure out how much noise is your sprayer going to produce. Luckily, manufacturers are kind enough to put a label of maximum dB your sprayer will produce.
  • Weight – This one is extremely important since you will spend most of your time carrying it around while painting. The lightweight sprayers are the way to go since they will be less tiring to your body, making it easier for you to focus on the task at hand. Additionally, sprayers with this trait usually have an ergonomic handle which is just another plus to the overall design.

Keep in mind that the best electric paint sprayer is the one that will suit your needs and preferences perfectly. Anything other than that is not worth your time and money. Additionally, we would like to point out that you take a closer look at the building material that was used when manufacturing these sprayers, and if the ratio of plastic and steel is just right then you got yourself a winner.