Best HVLP Sprayer

Usually when people talk about High volume – Low-pressure sprayers they point out how fast and easy it is to paint with them. To be completely honest with you, these types of sprayers are our favorite and we used them as often as possible. They tend to be a great choice when there is a lot of painting to do, and they go really well with any type of surface. People like to use them often when painting fences, any type of furniture or outdoor walls. The reason behind that is because HVLP sprayers can work with any type of paint.

In the past, HVLP sprayers were a bit noisy and not so likable due to fact that you would most likely wake up all neighborhood but as the technology progressed they became number one pick for outdoor painting. A most recognizable trait they have are turbines that power them, and the best HVLP sprayers usually have two-stage turbines.

Best HVLP Sprayer: What to Look For​

​If you are preparing to repaint your house or you have some larger projects coming your way than you are looking for a good high volume-low pressure sprayer. One of the good things about these sprayers is that they don’t require any experience what so ever. You just simply need to turn it on, grab a handle and start spraying. In a matter of seconds, you’ll get the hang of it and you’ll paint like a professional. But, before you start your painting journey there are some tips and tricks you need to know when choosing the right HVLP sprayer. Even though most of them are really great products, some of them might create some problems for you. To avoid any of those we will point out some of the most important traits your HVLP sprayers should have.

First of all, we will start with the outside build and motor (turbine).​

  • Two-stage turbine – For those who might not know turbine powers the sprayer and it is the source of and the stepping stone of every HVLP sprayer. Everything else that sprayer has is constructed around the turbine. Now, the two-stage turbine is a piece of art, and if you sprayer doesn’t have it, you should think of getting a new one. Two-stage turbines are known for their outstanding performance in a large project because they are consistent and don’t create a lot of oversprays. If you are new to this then you must know that overspray is the common and most feared enemy of every professional painter. If the overspray is too big the complete work can be ruined.
  • Spray patterns – HVLP sprayers are well known for their versatile spray patterns, the more they have them the better the product. Believe us. So the next time you go to look for good HVLP sprayer keep an eye for a number of spray patterns, anything above two spray patterns is worth your time.
  • Setup – For you who don’t know, setup is really important when buying the right sprayer. If you want to own the best HVLP sprayer then you need to have one that is easy to set up. We still remember all that time that we wasted on preparing our old sprayers, but fortunately good HVLP sprayers are ready to go in a matter of minutes.

We are positive that you will find this article more than informative and that it will help you find the right High volume – Low-pressure sprayer in no time. Remember, the best HVLP sprayer will be the combination of all features that we stated earlier and it won’t knock you out with the price.