Best Professional Paint Sprayer

We usually talk about amateur and semi-professional sprayers that are made for people without earlier knowledge or experience with painting. But, now we will talk about professional sprayers and what makes them so good. Usually, these types of topics people avoid simply because they give up thinking they can’t handle these sprayers, but we encourage them to stick with us and keep reading this one.

The first thing we need to go through is the fact that type of sprayers doesn’t make you professional, but the quality if your work does. The difference between professional and semi-professional/ amateur sprayer is small details and features you might end up never using. But, on the other hand, if you take your time to find out what they are meant to do and how they work you will grow to like your professional sprayer.

But, in all seriousness, these types of sprayers are usually used at work and they are called professional for a reason. So, in the next few minutes, we will point out why and how to recognize a good professional sprayer in a matter of seconds.

Best Professional Paint Sprayer: What to Look For​

If you decided that you need an upgrade from your regular sprayer or your career kind of demands that from you, we will help you distinguish which professional sprayer is worth your time and money. Of course, there is that tiny little thing that needs to be taken and that is the type of work (contract/task/project) you’ll be handling. But, we are here to point out some of the most important things that the best professional paint sprayer needs to have.​

  • Power – Whether it is a turbine or a compressor, your paint sprayer needs to have power. Since most of the professional project include painting on a larger scale you will want to be fast and efficient simultaneously. Of course, sometimes too much power can cause too much overspray, but manufacturers were good to us to handle that problem before it happened. Our advice is to look for that label that points out how much overspray your new, and powerful paint sprayer might or will have.
  • Safe and quiet – It is a bit hard or should we say impossible to find a paint sprayer that doesn’t make a sound. On the other hand, there are paint sprayers that aren’t too noisy, and that is the one you need. If you are looking to be a proper professional, then having quiet paint sprayer will definitely help out. Additionally, everything you do must be safe, for you and for people around you. Therefore take a closer look at the design of your potentially new paint sprayer. If it is by any chance to loose or has some questionable parts you should probably avoid it. To be more specific, we are talking about plastic being used to cover surfaces that heat up a lot.
  • Paint friendly – By this one we are referring to the type of paint you will be using. As we all know there are a ton of different types of paint with different textures and density. To avoid any problems such as clogging you want to pick the sprayer that can handle any type of paint. Additionally, your customers will he happy to know that their walls, fences or furniture will be painted with the paint they wanted.

We hope this article was helpful and taught you in which direction you should go when searching for the best professional paint sprayer.