Campbell Hausfeld HV2002 Paint Sprayer Review

Campbell Hausfeld is a top choice HVLP sprayer when it comes to indoor finishing paint jobs. With its two-stage turbine for maximum pressure control this easy to use, portable sprayer should be the main go-to sprayer in anyone’s toolkit. Since it doesn't need a compressor for high-quality finishes, this sprayer will make all those demanding, high-detailed jobs easier. You will never feel annoyed when it comes to painting doors, furniture, crafts and cabinets with this handy sprayer. Although it is designed for indoor use, it gives great results when painting fences and other outdoor furniture.

Features of Campbell Hausfeld HV2002

Campbell Hausfeld HV2002

Campbell Hausfeld gives its best performance when it comes to little paint jobs that require a steady hand and a precise paint flow from the hose to the nozzle. It weighs only 15 pounds and that is what makes this sprayer very portable. Its 15 ft. long hose provides users with great maneuverability. Included accessory kit makes this HVLP sprayer a great addition to every workshop.​

  • Two-stage turbine – What makes this turbine so special is its raw power and the ability to push out thin and thick paints with ease. There is no need to dilute the paint. This turbine also reduces overspray, bringing it to a minimum and saving your paint in the process.
  • 3 spray patterns - Campbell Hausfeld is not restricted with only one pattern for your indoor fine finishes. Its simple pattern regulator gives you a choice of three possible patterns; usual vertical, horizontal and even round for faster surface coverage.
  • Adjustable air flow - With this sprayer you will never be restricted to using one air flow for small and large surfaces. You can adjust air flow range from 0.25 inches to 6 inches and since it’s made out of metal you don't have to be afraid of breaking it if you adjust it often.

Advantages of Campbell Hausfeld HV2002

  • No need for a compressor - From a financial aspect this saves a great amount of money since air tanks, for the most part, aren't included with the product. From a performance aspect, it makes Campbell Hausfeld very silent and the condensation on the coating material is avoided.
  • Accessory kit - What makes this great product stand out from the rest of HVLP sprayers is an included accessory kit that consists of 5 strainer cones, a cleaning brush, viscosity stick, wrench, viscosity stick, and extra needle/nozzle for lightweight materials. Each and every part of this kit is well designed to make Campbell Hausfeld one complete all-you-need sprayer.

Most of the buyers agreed that this is a remarkably good product, but some of them noted its maintenance and clean up can take a bit of more time than expected. But after seeing the final results of their furniture renovation, they all agreed it was worth their time and money.

Bottom Line​

Campbell Hausfeld Easy Spray Paint Sprayer is definitely a product we are comfortable to recommend. Its 3-year warranty shows how much the manufacturer is confident in the quality of the product. If you value good performance and service then this is the most cost efficient product on the market and you won’t regret buying it.​