HomeRight C800766 Paint Sprayer Review

HomeRight C800766 is the best indoor focused cup sprayer with HVLP technology on the market. Efficient and easy to handle, its small structure and light weight will be great for everyone in need of a good and fast or small and detailed paint job. Great for those small crafts or even for indoor furniture, your chairs and cabinets will be grateful after you give them a new shiny look using this sprayer. Even if you are a complete amateur, all fine finishes will look like as if they were made by a professional.

Features of HomeRight C800766​

HomeRight C800766

Even though it is a classic cup sprayer, HomeRight C800766 uses HVLP technology which allows great pressure control that helps you avoid overspray and has three patterns for even more precise and efficient fine finishes. Since it is extremely lightweight, any job that takes more time to finish won't make you as tired as it would if you were using other, heavier sprayers.​

  • Paint compatibility - HomeRight C800766 can handle any type of paint, but excels when using water and oil based paints and stains. It also includes a thinning chart and viscosity cup that will help you regulate paint flow and adjust the paint thickness easily.
  • Lightweight - Weighing only 3 pounds, it is portable, handy, and easy to take on jobs or carry around the house. If you want to be agiler and hit every little corner of your favorite chair, cabinet or closet then this is sprayer made just for you.
  • HVLP technology - Pressure regulation is an extremely valued feature in a paint sprayer since it gives you more control over paint jobs. You will never have to worry about overspray or messy surfaces because this small but powerful two-stage turbine is a great performer that does the job quickly and efficiently, saving your paint and rarely necessitating more than one coat of paint.

Advantages of HomeRight C800766

  • Three-way spray cap - To make you furniture better than ever you need to adjust spray guns cap properly, but don't think it will be something complicated. With this easy-to-adjust spray pattern regulator, you will be able to switch your way of coating in just a second. Specially made to deliver finest finishes, these three patterns will be all you need on your sprayer.
  • Accessories included - For easier clean up and to keep it in great working shape, this sprayer is shipped with one cleaning brush, one viscosity cup, and one air blowing nozzle, all included in the price.
  • Easy to use and assemble – As it is assembled out of only a few parts (spray gun, paint cup and turbine holder with an ergonomic handle) it doesn't take too much time to set up and start working. It is perfect for all small projects that need your attention immediately.

Even though this is most one of the best indoors sprayer of its type, users some noted that doesn't perform that well outdoors, but it must be noted that this product was engineered to handle inside jobs and should be used for what it was designed for.

Bottom Line​

HomeRight C800766 Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer is definitely the best paint sprayer that you can use to tackle your old and new furniture. With its more than acceptable price, excellent service, and performance this product will stay by your side for many years to come and make your painting experience better each time you use it.​